Sunday, October 25, 2015

Princess Dress Up station (on a budget)

Do you have a little girl that loves dress up as much as mine?

 My 4 year old has become obsessed with dress up. On her Christmas list is every Disney Princess and Barbie costume ever created. Well, our very kind neighbors have two girls that have aged out of this phase and generously donated their costumes to us! With Karoline's growing interest in dress up, her existing costumes and her newfound bounty, we needed to find a way that would allow us to organize her costumes, but also provide easy access for her. She is very petite and I wasn't sure that a dress up wardrobe would be the best option...and of course, I didn't want to spend a fortune on this sweet little phase that won't last more than a year or two. 

So, I went to the garage and started digging around. I found a large dowel that we bought for a project and didn't use. I also found some old curtain tiebacks. Then I started thinking...what if I put the tie backs on the wall at an angle where they can hold the dowel? I had a small container of pink chalk paint from Hobby Lobby, so I painted the dowel pink.

I also had a frame that I used for her birthday party and wasn't being used. And some hammered copper spray paint. So I sprayed the unfinished wood frame copper, but also sprayed some silver and sprayed with copper again so the silver would give it more of a sheen.

Then I created a sign to put in the frame. It's larger than my home printer so I had Office Depot print it for less than $1.

I found a gold plastic shelf at the Goodwill. I thought it would be great for shoes! I also had some plywood pieces in the garage, so I painted one the pink of the dowel. I then spray painted plastic Dollar General hooks and adhered them to the (dried) pink board. Voila! Purse hangers. 

I hope that you enjoy our project as much as she has! I hung everything at a height that is a comfortable reach for her so that she can easily remove and hang the fabulous dress of her choice (as often as she wants - without Mommy having to do it every time!)

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