Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm really going to blog this time, no...really!

I have discovered a wonderful blog that I have been following for a month or so now. It captures my passion for design - especially that of the Southern kind! I've decided to join in on the fun she has on Thursdays, it's called "Tablescape Thursdays" and since I love finding interesting dishes, this will be a lot of fun for me! I have spent hours looking at others who have participated in the previous weeks and must say that I'm a bit nervous to post my own, but excited too!

So, improvements are coming to my lifeless little blog, prepare for fabulousity to soon ensue!


Anita @ Far Above Rubies said...

Welcome!! Can't wait to see your posts! It really is a lot of fun and there are so many wonderful ideas out there:-)

emptynester3 said...

Great job on your first Tablescape! I have been participating since the fall- I think this was my 21st Tablscape! You will love it! I saw that you are a new blogger and I became your first follower! Best Wishes to you in your blogging adventure. Come and visit me sometime! ~Nana~

Kristy Carberry said...

Thanks, Nana! Yes, I am new. I designed websites years ago and haven't really done anything other than Facebook in a long time, so Blogger is new to me. I'm having to reach far back into my memory to edit my posts! Haha! Thank you for following me! I am excited about joining Tablescape Thursdays!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

Thank you so much for visiting my little blog. Your going yo havr a great time with your blog and meeting people. I will sure stay tuned to see what happens next!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting