Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm still loving the spring colors! Welcome to rural Georgia!

It's time for Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch! Be sure to go look at all of the beautiful tablescapes linked there!

So, I almost missed out on tablescaping this week because I got behind in my "chores" while I was off enjoying the North Georgia Mountains this past weekend. We had a wonderful weekend and I'll be posting photos soon.

Some of the highlights (other than my first time ever going to a Drive-In theater) were the many, many antique and thrift stores we stumbled upon. It seemed as if everyone was selling things! Luckily for me, I found quite a few little treasures.

Click on the photos to see the full image.

I fell in love with the placemats and napkins pictured below the minute I saw them in the Hiawassee Antique Mall.

I couldn't wait to find the perfect dishes to go with them. And then I remembered that I had recently purchased some of the new Better Homes and Gardens melamine plates at, of all places, Wal Mart. I bought them for outdoor picnics, but they seemed to want to sit on these placemats!
Later that day, I stumbled upon these unmarked saucers and thought they were pretty. When I decided on my tablecloth, they wanted to join in today too!

The second day I was out thrifting, I happened upon a roadside rummage sale where I found these wonderful Prill knives! I loved them and got them for a steal ($5 for all four!) My forks are tucked into the napkins, but these needed to be seen! :)

The "tablecloth" is actually just a ream of vintage fabric that I found in Goodwill last month. I had planned to get someone to make it into a tablecloth for me, but decided to go ahead and use it for this.
The glasses here are honestly ones I never thought I would be posting online, but they seemed to fit. They are the Coke glasses that came free with McDonald's value meals last year, haha!


Mr. Birdie flew in from Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite stores for home accents, since I like to change up things often and their prices allow me to play with home trends.

The "Georgia Peaches" plaque that birdie and our sweets are sitting on came from Target about ten years ago. I bought it in Virginia Beach, VA. I stumbled upon it one day when I was very homesick and I've loved it for many years now!


The silverplate saucer and white candy dish have been around my house for a while too, they always come in handy! I need somewhere to put those fresh Easter Reese's cups!

The pewter pitcher, although beaten up is one of my favorite items. I live on a street called Pewter Court, so I've started collecting more pewter, as "corny" as it sounds. I really love my neighborhood though!


The pitcher sits atop a hibiscus plate that was a gift from a friend many years ago.

I hope that you enjoyed your trip to my breakfast nook! Maybe one day I will actually get some daylight photos for you all!! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My FIRST Tablescape Thursday!

First...I'm sorry for the formatting issues, I'm new to Blogger and learning my way around!

So, I've discovered Tablescape Thursdays at Between Naps on the Porch which I am pretty sure is going to make me:

  1. Spend too much time in antique thrift shops

  2. Spend too much money

  3. Drive my husband insane

  4. Give me countless hours of enjoyment!

So, I'm starting with a Spring table that I have moved now to it's third spot in my home. It started on my bar, moved to my breakfast nook and has now graduated to the dining room. Although I'm not quite sure I like it better here than the breakfast nook! I've learned this week that this is not as easy as it looks, but just as much fun and I have once again realized that I am NOT a photographer...

It was a long and cold winter by Southwest Georgia (as in mosquito and gnat country) standards. So, I'm welcoming Spring with open arms! Since this is my first tablescape, I've only set out finger foods, but just imagine that there's a few courses cooking in the kitchen! I hope that you will enjoy your visit!

Click on the photo to see the full photo.


So, I'm not much of a photographer! But, here's what you see:
Plates: Rose China found at an antiques store (Antiques and More, Albany, GA)for $3 each
Polka dot plates are from Target - $2.49 each
Saucers found at Goodwill for $1.25 for all 4
Placemats, Napkins and Napkin rings: Kohls
Plaid/Gingham fabric: Goodwill
Silver Coasters under pink coffee cup: Garage Sale
Pitcher: Gorham (wedding gift 9 years ago today!!)
Green Goblets: Target a few years ago
Pink Coffee Cups: Arcoroc France from Goodwill (2.22 for all)
Vase: Gift from my sister a long time ago...Don't you love the perma-calla lillies?
Green glass candle holders (or sauce cups or shotglasses): Antiques store in Cottondale, FL
Silver dish and FABULOUS Amber cake plate:
Pink Gingham server: Kmart last year for a whopping $1.29
and last but not least, thanks to the Cakery in Albany, GA for the goodies on the table, because I had no time to do anything because I'm about to be off for a long weekend to celebrate my 9 year Anniversary!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm really going to blog this time, no...really!

I have discovered a wonderful blog that I have been following for a month or so now. It captures my passion for design - especially that of the Southern kind! I've decided to join in on the fun she has on Thursdays, it's called "Tablescape Thursdays" and since I love finding interesting dishes, this will be a lot of fun for me! I have spent hours looking at others who have participated in the previous weeks and must say that I'm a bit nervous to post my own, but excited too!

So, improvements are coming to my lifeless little blog, prepare for fabulousity to soon ensue!