Friday, May 06, 2011

Yes, I'm the sporadic blogger! (But I have a reason!)

For those followers who stick around to see a random post here or there from me, you may remember that I'm pregnant. We have had a rough month in April and were making it through our day job long enough to get home and just collapse. No time for fun things like decorating or antiquing or junking!
Well, Dr put me on bedrest one week ago and my health has DRAMATICALLY improved since then. I am 32 weeks pregnant and not ready to deliver this baby yet. But I'm doing whatever the Dr says and it has paid off. Which means I'm able to do things like GET THAT NURSERY READY!! I still have to remain out of work, but my bedrest has been modified to where I can sit or stand for short periods of time. I'm in nursery super mode right now and expect it to be done within a week.
Stay tuned, because my laptop and I spend a lot of time together, so I will either be lurking or posting!

Here's a pic of my sweet little girl on her 4D ultrasound.

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