Monday, April 05, 2010

Weekend Getaway to the North Georgia Mountains

Here's a funny story about how I discovered this little wonderful place called Hiawassee, GA.

Ten years ago, my boyfriend and I were both in the Navy. We were both stationed on the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), an aircraft carrier.

In August 2000, Joe received new orders to the USS Iwo Jima,(LHD-7). We had discussed marriage several times, but it wasn't possible while we were on the same ship. When he got his new orders, he asked me to bring him my "underway schedule" (A list of dates that I would be at sea). He compared it to his and then, what I thought jokingly, we decided that we would get married on March 24, 2001. We arrived at this date simply because it was the only time when we both had two weeks at home together...for the entire year. One week for the wedding, one week for the honeymoon. Soon, he called his parents and told them that we were getting married. The ring and all of the rest came later, but for then, we were engaged. It was absurd, but I was happy. Like most girls who have just become engaged, the next few months were a flurry of planning...choosing locations (we chose my hometown in Georgia, although we lived in Virginia) colors, invitations, my wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses, and the all important honeymoon spot. We decided that we would use that and go to Acapulco. We were so excited!

Then on a very cold Virginia day, the wind was let out of my sails. I was told that my sailing dates had changed. Far too much had been done at this point to change our date, but it looked like I would be at sea until March 20th and would go back out on March 31st. So, now we were down to 11 days total. Soon after, his schedule changed and he now had to be back in VA on March 28th. Not long after, mine changed again and I had to be at sea until March 22nd. We were now down to 2 days before the wedding (in which time we had to make the 12 hour drive to Georgia and have rehearsal, finishing touches, etc). We only had 4 days after the wedding, which meant that Acapulco was certainly not an option. It just so happened that a friend of my Dad & Stepmom's had a family cabin in North Georgia that we could take a mini-honeymoon in.

Somehow, against ALL ODDS (*and let me assure you, the odds DID NOT end there, Murphy's Law was in full effect, I'll save those funny details for later*) we managed to get married on March 24, 2001. After the wedding, we headed to Hiawassee, GA. We were tired, excited, relieved, so many emotions!

What we discovered when we got to Hiawassee was a quaint little mountain town and the most perfect little cabin we could have imagined. The view from the porch (pictured above) could easily be a postcard. It's amazing! Our only regret about our little mini-moon spot was that we couldn't stay longer.

Since then, we've made several trips to the area and have managed to stay in the sweet little cabin a few more times. Each time, making new memories. Our life has changed in a million ways since the first time we went to the cabin, yet the simple beauty of both the area and cabin remain the same. Sitting on the porch and looking out at God's beautiful work, it's hard not to be thankful for your blessings. We've had many in the years, and one of the best is that we have been able to spend time in this cabin that my Dad's friends have so generously shared with us. We've never had the chance to meet them, but we know they are special people! Thank you, Davidson family!

This year, we discovered a Drive-In theater not far from Hiawassee! I've never been, so this was a wonderful treat for me!

More photos for you to enjoy:
North GA Mountains, 2010

For you Tablescape Thursday ladies, you'll enjoy these photos from the cabin dining room: Antiques, Fiestaware and silverware with the receipt from delivery on...11/04/1968! (Which just so happens was exactly 10 years before I was born)The owners have beautiful things!



Yellow Rose Arbor said...

A very sweet story! Pretty pictures!

We spent a week in Helens, GA once, it's beautiful there too!


Kristy Carberry said...

Helen is actually only about 30 minutes from where we stay. We like Helen too, but it can get very "touristy". Thanks for visiting!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Love north Ga! Great pics.
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